Music World League, A Society for Music Family

Today, we are looking for a new way to find talents. A talent who can prove him/herself that he/she can change the way of thinking and ecosystem of talent diagram in the world.

Music World League, a society for music family
Music World League, a society for music family

As we said, Music World League is trying to prepare an atmosphere to let the musicians compete easily without any limitations to time and place. however mwl tries to spread its services around the world with ambassadors in each country. Now we are covering USA, Canada, Iran, China, UAE and Turkey. In our 2nd phase of growth, we are looking toward France, Germany, Austria and Russia.

As we have done many analysis about the client behaviors, we decided how to manage the leagues and start the instruments and group leagues in order to respect to needs in the World.

We are transferring our head office from Dubai to Toronto these days, and we apologize for any problems in our services, however all the clerks are 24 hours ready to response your problems.