All you need is love ?

Modern narcissism at its perfection or a sad report on a Luxurious flashy wedding

#Theferragnez , was one of those trendy hashtags which was extremely hard to avoid seeing in the past few days. Having even one of Italian models or beauty bloggers on your following list is enough to get bombarded with the unstoppable insane flood of the photos & moment-by-moment stories of pre-party, post-party and the party itself. An extravagant wedding ceremony said to be finalized with 2 million euros which sounds to have received more attention compared to Royal wedding. There are a lot more to address this wedding which I prefer not to mention, as you can easily click on the hashtag and join the other half billion crowd which still is growing fatter. Not to count the zeros of number of dollars and people and to forget the direct relevance , I would like to chat about why what had happened left me shocked, disappointed and most of all confused.

Having aside a professional team of cameramen, the bride and & groom did not let go of their cellphones -not even for a moment. ( Actually there was a moment : when they were reading out their vows while officially tying the knot ) Not only the couple, but the whole ceremony looked like a real circus, with all gusts constantly holding their cellphones, filming the events and of course a great deal of themselves - if not saying too much of it. Just have a look on the roller-caster scene and it is damn stupid and sad at the same time: attendees, whether alone or being accompanied by a friend/partner, are busy filming themselves or taking selfies literally all the time. The ones who are not doing it, are stupidly throwing smiles to a camera somewhere. I doubt if these people socialized much with one another, for real! Has the groom ever looked at the expensive bride’s face in real, or has he witnessed his dreamy expensive “statue of ice that pees Vodka” with his bare eyes? Or, did he only look at his wonderland through the screen of his phone all the time – the same way we did?!

The amount of #Narcissism we are filing our life and others’ with, regardless of their real hard effort and talents, is what scares me the most. Not only because you can observe the bare version of it in a pure and perfectly insane way, but also because we can all identify with them, seeing ourselves doing it from time to time on our social media while prompting others to do it as well. What if we should merely admit/welcome it and try to get the most out of it? What are the potential consequences and threats of too much of narcissism being spread around, if there are any? Just have a look on couple pf profiles of the other family members and face a part of what I am talking about. They did not let anything related themselves go. I invite you to take a look of the speech the sister, Valentina, has done for the wedding (testimony) and how she insanely adores it so this has come as a permanent post on her Instagram profile, with English translations being followed! Seemingly, If “a family” ,“partner” , friends have been presented, it is there to promote that individual. We all do it on daily basis as it is one’s own media, but celebrating the number of people/times which that photo has been watched? I bypassed a comment saying :” I’m surprised by this much of love for Chiara and Fedez!” But seriously ?! it is definitely business, and business is something I understand. But should we really call it “love”? Is it true that the more impressions we have, the more we are truly “loved” ?

Aren’t we gradually modifying the definition of “love” as well? How further this will go ? This is an absurd chaos. There is a thin line between fame, money and love – the way they call it. This line is getting thinner every day and that is the main rule of this game.

Seemingly all the guests were too worried about their followers not losing a single moment of the party. They are alarmed if their make-up tools have been correctly mentioned. They are overconcerned if their brand-designer shoes are being perfectly framed and shown while struggling to choose a photo to post over hundreds. (There were times that some of us have kinda been there, right?!)

What I am saying is, Business and getting impressions for it is so understandable. A make-up artist who happens to be a friend of Chiara can promote his art and skills AND at the same time express love but what about the main actors of this play, themselves? While others are carrying her (or their) name on shoulder and her hashtag below to get more profile visits and eventually share their profile impression numbers & statistics by writing “Thank you all, love you!” on an screenshot, how the couple really feel? Other than being overly noticed and admired. Do they really feel loved? The answer is yes. The question which is left then is : “ How much they really enjoyed their breath-taking wedding ? with the flower bouquet being replaced by a cellphone as a newly defined accessory and by watching the whole thing through their camera while busy recording it, showing it to some audience they have not met (assuming that friend s and family are already there so they do no need to check insagram to see it). How does it feel not being able to enjoy it as you are a full-time journalist of your own fantasy? Did you hire yourself, or others did, such as clowns being hired to entertain others while they themselves enjoy their show too?