‏Disposable tableware

Types of disposable tableware:
Disposable tableware has different types based on the usage and raw materials of production.
Different types of disposable containers based on usage:
Disposable ice cream containers
Disposable dishes of fruits and vegetables
Disposable containers for chicken and meat packaging
Disposable tableware for restaurants
Egg packaging containers and ….
Different types of disposable containers based on raw materials:
Raw materials for the production of disposable containers are available in a variety of polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene or the same disposable vegetable containers, which of course have many fans.
‏Advantages of disposable tableware:
‏there are lots of pros associated with using disposible tableware,as long as you are sure that the company has a manufacturing license. . Star Plast (SPA) is one of the first companies to export its products to Arab countries due to its high quality, using high quality raw materials. Star Plast(SPA) Company tries to develop and improve the quality of its products by using the latest devices and equipment. If we want to express the advantages of using disposable tableware,the following list is the outcome:
1)This containers require less energy to produce.
2)packaging disposable tableware is safe,fast and easy.
3)Disposable tableware is more hygienic.
4)It is much easier to carry food with this containers.
5)Due to their high diversity,we can use them in various fields.
SPA does its best to have the most benefits for you.
Tips for using disposable tableware:
Before using disposable utensils, it is necessary to pay attention to the marks on the bottom of the container. These marks are related to the type of polymer which the dishes are made of.
Each of these codes indicates what materials this disposable container is made of.
If this number was between 3 and 6 or even higher, it means that the possibility of entering harmful substance in the food increases.
‏last word
‏ Overall , disposable tableware has many advantages as long as it is provided by licensed companies like Star Plast Arab.

According to research conducted by Star Plast Arab Company (SPA), Iran is one of the top ten countries in the world in the use of disposable tableware, and it can be acknowledged by Star PlastArab Company (SPA) that plant dishes have not been able to attract even one percent of people’s consumption.

we use a material made of styrene monomer (a petrochemical material) for the manufacture of heat-resistant dishes, cans and mugs. The Star Plast Company has heat-resistant plates and mugs that are used for hot liquids.
Star Plast Company is always striving to develop its products and renew the molds for single-use tools.
When you see these two letters p at the bottom of Starplast products, abbreviation of word, polypropylene, which is a heat-resistant material, and we can put inside mugs and boxes made of hot liquids such as coffee and tea.
If you see the letter p s below the Starplast products, the abbreviation of the word polysttyrene, but it is a non-heat-resistant materia.

Company goals

Take a look at rapid progress achieved in the production and development of disposable containers day after day:
Star Plast Company is one of the companies that works during day and night to provide the best quality products and molds.
Star Plast also tries to develop the internal product with its wide variety and distinguished product.

Star Plast Company’s aim is to secure the internal market and export the rest of the production to foreign countries such as Iraq, Turkey, Oman.
Star Plast company is one of the companies that has risen to the required level In recent years, due to the advancement of the Internet and its use by the owners of companies and laboratories.

Star Plast Arab

According to research conducted by Star plast (SPA), recycling these containers is one of the ways to reduce the risks caused by it, and on the other hand, this operation has significant economic savings.

According to Star Plast Arab (SPA), it is also good to know that disposable plastic containers, when buried in the ground, last between 300 and 500 years and carry many environmental hazards.
You can experience the best with Star Plast Arab(SPA).

During studies conducted on disposable tableware by Star plast, research and experiments that we gained from countries such as Korea, Italy and Austria, we were able to design and build machines for recycling disposable tableware.

polystyrene wastes include disposable food containers (Arabstar Plast), dairy packaging containers and foam (ionolite), which were used in the packaging of electronics, porcelain and crystal, construction industries, etc.

According to Star Plast Arab (SPA), the main difference between disposable tableware (Star plast Arab “SPA”) in the country and other countries was that in Iran, two types of polymers are used in the production of disposable tableware (Star plast Arab).It is necessary to create a device for 100% separation of these polymers from each other.

At the end of the research, Star plast Arab Company (SPA) actually recycles these dishes (Star plast Arab “SPA”) and produces products called granules that are used in the construction, automotive, carton plast, etc.