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1. 30,000 Health Experts Sign Declaration Against COVID-19 Lockdowns
2. 2 AAA Medical Studies support Hydroxy chloroquine for Early Stage COVID
3. 3 Absence de base probante pour soutenir le confinement general de la population - Denis Rancourt
4. An Effective Treatment for Coronavirus (COVID-19)
5. Bacterial Pneumonias Are on the Rise” from Mask Wearing
6. Beneficial effects exerted by hydroxychloroquine in treating - Science China
7. Compulsory vaccination for Covid-19 and human rights law
8. Coronavirus GMO evidence
9. Danish newspaper reveals largest study on masks has been rejected by 3 medical journals
10. Danish study on masks
11. Dr. Mike Yeadon - 2nd wave faked on false positives
12. For the World Health Organization - The Moment of Truth
13. German Dokument 93
14. How Likely Is a Second Wave Covid
15. Hydroxychloroquine Dangerous drug or innocent victim - James Todaro
16. Letter of Opposition to TRACE Act
17. Liberté! An open letter by 200 French lawyers protesting against lockdown
18. Mask References
19. Masks and Civil Liberties - Simone Gold
20. Masks Science the New England Journal of Medicine
21. McCullough PA Ambulatory Treatment of COVID
22. Medical Studies supporeting Hydroxychloroquine for Early Stage COVID
23. New Earth University COVID-19 Intelligence Brief
24. Plandemic سوراخ خرگوش
26. Relationship between Influenza Vaccination Coverage Rate and COVID-19 The Medical Mafia -Ghislaine Lanctot
27. THE-COVID-19-Pandemic-Challenging-the-Narrative -Andrew Johnson -
28. UK Nurse quits lying
29. We Do Not Consent - Thousands Rally In London To Oppose Another COVID-19 Lockdown
30. What Causes Oxygen Deprivation of the Blood (DIC) and Then Lungs (SARS - CoV 2 & 12)
31. What SAGE Has Got Wrong - Michael Yeadon
32. White Paper on Hydroxychloroquine - Simond Gold
33. White Paper References
34. World Doctors Alliance WDA Open Letter<br/>35. five reasons why Corona Virus vaccine must be voluntary
36. Anaphylaxis in US Following COVID-19 Vaccination
37.COVID 19 and the Agendas to Come, Red Pilled by James Perloff DnaMatrix
38. Covid The Politics of Fear and the Power of Science by Siegel, Marc
39. COVID19 Evidence Of Global Fraud Iain Davis - stated in Dr. Cowan talk
40. Covid19 vaccine what you should know
41. David Crowe - Corona Panic
42. Dr Young What Causes Oxygen Deprivation of the Blood (DIC) and Then Lungs
43. Fresh fields Lecture 2020 Government by Decree
44. How to protect yourself from mRNA damage
45. Moderna declares Covid vaccine to be an operating system
46. National Security Study Memorandum 1074 Implications of Worldwide Population Growth
47. New Earth University -COVID-19 Intelligence Brief
48. No effect of Lockdown and Social Distancing on Covid19 mortality
49. One Hundred Fourteenth Congress BILLS-114hr34enr
50. Philanthrocapitalism, past and present
51. poster-censored
52. poster-fraud
53. poster-freedom
54. poster-planned
55. poster-threat
56. posters-medicines
57. Scenarios for the Future of Technology-Rockefeller Foundation
58. The Injection Fraud - It&#x27;s not a vaccine
60. The SPARS pandemic scenario 2025-2028 - John Hopkins
61. The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy - Jim Marrs
62. The-Battle-For-Humanity
63. THE-COVID-19-Pandemic-Challenging-the-Narrative
64. US Surveillance 6666 Bill
65. Vax flyer - Covid19 vaccine what you should know
66. What do honest scientists say about covid-19 and the pandemic
67. What You Need to Know About the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP)
68. بردگی اختیاری
69. تیل سوان - کووید 19 و ترس
70. جورج اورول 1984<br/>71. فریب قرن پرده پنجم فریب
72. قرارداد ایران و چین
73. کرونا بزرگترین دروغ قرن
74. کرونا فریب قرن حامد رئیسی
75. یادداشت های امنیت ملی - رشد جمعیت جهان

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1. 1200 studies on Vaccines
2. Vaccine Preventable Diseases - Public Hearing 2019 Toni Bark<br/>3. A Case Against Vaccination
4. A Rebuttal to the Joint Statement on Shaken Baby Syndrome---Harold E Buttram, M.D_
5. A Shot Never Worth - TakingThe Flu Vaccine _ by Kelly Brogan, MD
6. Childhood Immunizations and Abrupt-Onset Apnea by Harold E Buttram, MD &amp; Alan R Yurko
7. Do Child Vaccines Cause Brain Hemorrhages, Shaken Baby Synd, Other Health Anomalies_ Harold E Buttram, MD Catherine J Frompovich
8. Herd_Immunity_The_flawed_science_and_failures_of_mass_vaccination
9. I Rest Easier NOT Vaccinating my Children - Susan McCreadie, MD
10. Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) Vaccine as a Potential Cause of Encephalitis (Brain Inflammation) in Children-----Harold E. Buttram, MD
11. Media Promoting Medical Harm to Our Children - Dr. Michael Elice M.D
12. Preserve Medical Freedom – Vaccines Linked to Autism - Dr. Paul Thomas, M.D
13. PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE ACT 2017-vaccines-1517
14. Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine-Induced Encephalitis-Harold E. Buttram, MD
15. Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine-Induced Encephalomyelitis-The Story of Baby Alan
16. The Aluminum Threat - An Interview With Chris Shaw - AGE OF AUTISM
17. The Stepchildren of Modern Medicine, as Applied to Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS)_Non-accidental Injury (NAI) by Harold E. Buttram, MD
18. The_Truth_About_the_Drug_Companies_How_They_Deceive_Us_and_What
19. Vaccination_A_Mythical_History_by_Roman_Bystrianyk_and_Suzanne_Humphries
20. Vaccine Safety Issues_ Is the FDA Performing Its Obligated Role of Assuring the Reasonable Safety of Vaccines_ by Harold E Buttram, MD
21. Vaccine Scene 1999-Harold Buttram, M.D_
22. Vaccines and Genetic Mutation-Harold E. Buttram, MD; Susan Kreider, RN; Alan R. Yurko
23. What You Were Never Told About Vaccines - Dr. Andrew Moulden (Interview)
24. پروندهای علیه واکسیناسیون

در باره ماسک و تست پی سی آر - PDFمقاله ها

1. 42 peer-reviewed studies that show masks are neither safe nor effective<br/>2. CORMAN-DROSTEN REVIEW REPORT Retraction request letter to Eurosurveillance editorial board _ Jeffrey Jaxen and Mike Yeadon talk<br/>3. COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless Torsten Engelbrecht and Konstantin Demeter - Kary Mullis talk<br/>4. External peer review of the RTPCR test - Jeffrey Jaxen talk<br/>5. Masks do more harm than good - Dr Vernon Coleman

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1. Agrobacterium &amp; Morgellons Disease, A GM
2. Morgellon’s_syndrome_evidence_of_a_microorganism_causing_an_unexplained
3. Morgellons_The_legitimization_of_a_disease_A_Factual_Guide_by_the
4. The Many Evil Faces of Morgellons Racing Down The Road To Transhumanism - Jan Smith
5. مورجلون ها Morgellon Noure Motlaq